Karcher History

Types of Karcher Pressure Washer

More and more people are realising that lots of normally arduous cleaning jobs around the home can be made a lot easier if they purchase a good quality pressure washer. The manufacturer Karcher is well known for their range of pressure washers, and they actually have lots of different types you can choose from.

This is why it is very important to see whether you can benefit more from one model than another. Let's take a look and see which types are available and which one might be best for your needs.

Handheld Karcher pressure washers

If you are looking for a model that is convenient and easy to carry around, look for one of the handheld Karcher models at the lower end of the price range. These are ideal for storing away too because they tend to be compact and very square in their design.

Wheeled Karcher pressure washers

If you know you will be doing a lot of cleaning in various different parts of your home and garden, it might be wise to go for the next type of Karcher pressure washer. This is the wheeled pressure washer and it comes with two chunky well built wheels on the rear of the unit. All you do it grab hold of the handle in the top of the unit and pull it behind you to wheel your pressure washer to the location you want it in.

Karcher pressure washers that are designed for cleaning the car

At the top end of the Karcher pressure washer range you will spot a pressure washer that comes with a chassis cleaner too. This is designed to make cleaning the underside of your car even easier than normal. As you might expect this particular washer also comes with a higher pressure, at 140 bar.

You can also get Karcher pressure washers that operate at different pressures

For example the lowest priced pressure washer they offer operates at an impressive 100 bar. But if you want something with even more punch, you could opt for the most advanced model – this offers 140 bar. There are also other models in between so you should be able to find something suitable by looking through the entire range.

Another thing to watch for when you are looking for a pressure washer from Karcher is the number of additional items you get with it. Some have brushes included to make it easier to clean the windows; this type of brush attaches to the end of the normal hose so you can use it easily without any fuss. In fact the more you spend on a pressure washer the more tools you can generally expect it to have. The same applies to features.

Of course you have to decide what you are looking for when you want to buy one of these pressure washers. Do you want something that is good for a lot of basic uses and is easy to store away in a cupboard, or would you prefer something that has more power and is able to handle a wide range of tasks? The answer will steer you towards your best choice.