Karcher History

About Karcher

If you know anything at all about pressure washers, you will undoubtedly have heard of the name Karcher. But how much do you know about the company and what it has to offer in the way of pressure washers?

Karcher is actually the surname of the man who founded the company. It first came to the fore back in 1935, but it was some time before the company arrived in the UK. This occurred in 1976, seventeen years after Alfred Karcher himself had died. It has developed impressively since then and creates millions of pounds in profits every single year.

Why has Karcher become known as a leading source of high quality pressure washers?

Number 1You only have to look at the range of pressure washers that is produced by Karcher to see why so many people have decided to use this manufacturer as their chosen source.

For starters it offers a bigger range of pressure washers than many other manufacturers do. While others produce more than one model it is difficult to find another brand name that has quite as many to show potential buyers.

The company does produce and sell other items as well, but this is the area it is most familiar with. It is making great headway in constantly improving its products so you can be sure of buying a great value top performing washer no matter which one you choose from its range.

Does Karcher only produce expensive models?

No, this is not the case, although you might be forgiven for thinking this if you know how high quality the range is. Everyone wants to have a good quality pressure washer because they need it to do all manner of different jobs. However not everyone has the budget to go for a top of the range pressure washer that costs upwards of £200.

Karcher K4 200 Pressure WasherIf this sounds like you, you can definitely take advantage of the cost effective nature of the Karcher pressure washer range. It really does have a lot to offer and you will find you can appreciate the huge array of options at your disposal. Where else can you get an entry level and yet still good quality pressure washer for well under £100? If you shop around and take a closer look at the Karcher brand you will see how true this is – you really can get a good quality bargain from this range.

It is this ability to appeal to everyone that makes the Karcher brand so successful in the pressure washer market. They have found a way to get the best of both worlds, offering practical solutions to many situations where a pressure washer is needed. Not everyone has the budget to get a heavy duty semi-professional washer, but with Karcher you don't need to. They will provide you with just what you want at an unbelievable price. This is the power of this brand and it is why it has remained successful for many years.