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Karcher Pressure Washers

Karcher pressure washers are easy to find on the market today, whether you buy online or in a local store. They are also easy to see thanks to their distinctive black and yellow colouring. This is one of the leading brands in the pressure washer part of the market. So if you want to buy one and get the best value for your money at the same time, this is definitely a brand that is worth a closer look.

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Karcher Pressure Washers

What kind of price range do the Karcher pressure washers fall into?

You will be pleased to know there is a wide price range you can focus on here. For example the cheapest model has a retail price of £99.99, although you can often find it available cheaper than this. The most expensive has a retail price of £389.99, but again there are considerable bargains to be had, and you can save a lot on this price if you take the time to look around before you buy.

Is it worth getting one of the cheaper pressure washers or should you pay as much as possible?

One thing you will soon notice about the pressure washers from Karcher is that they are all top quality. This is distinctive of the brand and you can be sure that whether you buy the cheapest model or the most expensive, it will serve you well.

It is worth bearing in mind that the cheaper ones are designed for lighter cleaning jobs while the top end models can handle any kind of cleaning you want to use them for – including the oldest grubbiest patio slabs! Every model is able to perform a range of cleaning tasks though, and you will also find that each one comes with a few on board tools to make life easier.

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Do they all operate at high pressure?

The Karcher pressure washers do indeed operate at very high pressure. The cheapest model manages a huge 100 bar while at the other end of the scale you can enjoy 140 bar pressure on the most advanced model.

Are all the models designed for home use?

Yes they are. However if you get one of the best models you will find you get a semi-professional performance. It is still designed for home use but it packs a lot more power so it is worth thinking about the number of tasks you have for it and how often you will be doing them. This will help you to figure out whether you are going for the right model for your needs.

Do you get a guarantee with Karcher pressure washers?

Yes you do, but the length will depend on which pressure washer you buy. The cheapest models have an impressive two year guarantee while the more expensive end of the range offers a three year guarantee.